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Corporate Profile

We are specialists in technological solutions and next-generation digital platforms, a leader in cloud computing, cybersecurity and data solutions for Brazilian corporate world. Our service quality is proven in ISG Provider reports in Brazil, as a result of our close work with our customers in supporting critical business processes, in a long-term relationship in which we deliver innovation, agility, efficiency and economy of scale, accelerating their digital transformation.


Based on the tripod “people – technology – innovation”, we bring together the main market technologies in a complete digital ecosystem with a wide range of Business to Business (B2B) solutions. The main scope of our business is focused on offering solutions in public cloud, private cloud, cybersecurity, data, devops that we scale to the market through digital platforms, as well as consulting and technology assessment services. We operate throughout our customers’ journey of digital transformation, from the development of the migration strategy to the public or private cloud, from the management and offer of digital services to the development of more complex digital platforms, all protected by a layer of digital security.



Innovation has been part of our DNA since the beginning of our operations. We continually invest in research and development, seeking to anticipate the demands that the market imposes on our customers, with a permanent focus on optimizing and evolving our digital ecosystem. Along our path, we have evolved from a pure public cloud service provider to a complete digital ecosystem that aims to meet the demands of different customer profiles, confirming our ability to innovate. We launch new products on a recurring basis, thus creating incentives for our customers to stay on our digital platform, which allows for a strong cross-sell and up-sell.

Complete Digital Ecosystem with Broad Range of Digital Solutions



One of the pillars of our growth strategy is through acquisitions, seeking to select companies that offer quality products, a solid customer base and that have developed a technology capable of expanding and/or supplementing our portfolio of products and services, strengthening our value-added proposition to the customer. Since 2017, we made three acquisitions and we were able to integrate them into our operational and organizational culture, in addition to increasing efficiency and capturing synergies, promoting the growth of the acquired companies on an integrated basis with our digital ecosystem. For the next few years, we expect to go forward with our growth process through acquisitions, which will help us to accelerate the growth pace and evolution of our technology platform.

Our business model is mainly based on long-term contracts, with an average of 48 months. About 90% of private cloud contracts and more than 95% of cybersecurity contracts are renewed, on average, for an equal period after the period initially contracted.

We have a diversified customer base, with no concentration or reliance on specific customers and segments.