Investor Relations

Growth Opportunities

Corporate technology market in Brazil and Latin America offers high growth potential. Claranet Technology is in a privileged position to successfully keep up with this growth.

The main growth levers identified by the Company are shown below:


Organic Acquisition and Customer Retention

The maintenance of the growth delivered in the last few years was through the acquisition of customers organically, with a focus on the sale of recurring revenue contracts, continuous efforts to renew existing contracts, aiming at customer retention in the long term, and expansion of the value proposition to the end customer, through close monitoring of the evolution of our customers’ businesses, and by offering supplementary services to the solutions already contracted, through proposed architectures for the most diverse scenarios. We aim to continue investing in the sales machine, which features well-structured flows and a highly qualified sales team, in addition to the digital platforms in which we will invest to scale our products and services.

Currently, our customer portfolio comprises large companies (companies with revenue over R$1 billion per year). However, we already offer the same state-of-the-art technological infrastructure for small companies (companies with revenue below R$20 million per year) and medium-sized (companies with revenue over R$20 million per year). An important organic growth opportunity that will be explored by us is the expansion of the customer base among small and medium-sized companies.

We also aim to ensure the revamping of the acquired companies, keeping them at a level closer to that the Company, thus expanding our revenues.


Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

We aim to intensively explore cross-selling and up-selling opportunities within the current base of approximately 1,600 customers, taking advantage of the broad portfolio of products and services. Of our current base, 294 customers come from the Company, and of these, 53% have more than one contracted solution, evidencing our ability to achieve additional sales. When considering the approximately 1,281 customer added by Mandic’s portfolio, this percentage is reduced to 13%. Given our proven track record of revenue growth from the same customer base and ever evolving portfolio of solutions, we believe there is a great cross-sell and up-sell opportunity to be explored in Mandic’s customer base. For implementing this strategy, we aim to leverage the sale of products and services, through (i) our own sales team dedicated to the renewal of contracts and the sale of additional products and services; (ii) migration of customers to higher value-added services over the course of the evolution of their digital journey; (iii) development of new products and services in line with the needs of our customers; (iv) tapping into the customer base acquired from Mandic, offering the Company’s complete and integrated portfolio of solutions; (v) expansion of the offering of public cloud products to the current customer base through technologies developed by Mandic.

We make sustainable investments in innovation, with a research and development budget aimed at creating new products and developing our digital ecosystem. Therefore, we offer more and more products and services to our customers and are able to consistently increase the monetization of each customer over time, at the base. This strategy applied to a base of approximately 1,600 customers represents a significant growth opportunity for the Company in the coming years.


Inorganic Growth through M&A

We believe we are well positioned to act as a platform for industry consolidation and capitalize on the fragmented Brazilian cloud computing, cybersecurity and data segment.

By leveraging on the knowledge gained from acquisitions made both domestically and by the Group on a global scale, we will continue to identify potential acquisition targets in the market in the sectors of cybersecurity, public and private cloud, artificial intelligence, data, devops and digital platforms, including supplementary experiences that will help us to strengthen the different business units.

The inorganic growth strategy is based on the following strategic pillars:

  • Strengthening the product/service portfolio and digital ecosystem;
  • Scale and platform gains;
  • Capturing operational synergies;
  • Relevant cross-selling opportunities;
  • Value creation by expanding the efficiency of acquired companies;
  • Geographical expansion; and
  • Disciplined and efficient capital allocation.

Regarding Mandic’s acquisition, completed in April 2021, we understand that significant operational synergies still remain to be captured, concerning to the optimization of the cost and expense structure. Our culture of disciplined management with a strong results-oriented mindset has resulted in Claranet’s higher profitability in recent years when compared to Mandic’s. As a result, the companies’ combination resulted in a drop in consolidated EBITDA margin. Therefore, through our goals and management model, as well as the restructuring of Mandic’s fixed expenses structure, we aim to resume the historic level of EBITDA margin in our operations.

Geographical Expansion

Over the past few years, we have expanded our geographic position, considering acquisitions with extensive knowledge of the local market and presence throughout the country with customers considered leaders in various market segments.

Through our digital platforms, we serve customers from all Brazilian regions.

Portfolio Expansion

We currently have a very broad portfolio of technology products and services aimed at corporate customers. Since the Company’s foundation, the portfolio breadth has been steadily growing and we believe it will continue to grow, either by offering more products from our partners and suppliers or in-house developed solutions from our highly skilled research and development team.