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Claranet works with companies from all sectors and has extensive experience in cloud computing, cybersecurity, data and DevOps. We bring the best practices and apply the knowledge acquired according to each challenge.


We scale up our clients’ business digitally

We use the best technologies and services to ensure that our customers gain efficiency, stay in their business and stay competitive.


The challenges of increasing and improving production with sustainability and lower costs are constant. Claranet is the right supplier to support your company’s needs.


With the pressure to do more, better and in less time, the partnership with Claranet is essential for construction companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors.


Specific problems in the education sector also require specific solutions. Claranet has the right expertise and the dynamics of institutions, colleges, schools and educational centers.


financial services organizations face challenges like never before. Claranet helps deliver personalized experiences with security and compliance.


With the advent of industry 4.0 organizations are continuously challenged, with more digitized and connected production and logistics. Our IT solutions help you stay one step ahead of your competition.


Claranet helps logistics and supply chain organizations serve customers with flexibility, agility while offering cost savings.


Hosting health data requires specific security, infrastructure, and organization. Find out how we work with our customers to ensure the integrity of the information.


Organizations need to provide integrated services, improve efficiency, and deliver better results. Claranet helps you win this battle.


Digital transformation evolves, converges and disruptive new business models emerge quickly. Your technology company can’t stand still in the past.


With the trust of big names in Retail, we understand what it takes to deliver the best service day after day, quickly and safely.

Media & Entertainment

We are at the forefront of helping our customers quickly predict and react to the changing needs of the media and entertainment market.